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DiaStrong Foundation (DSF) was founded in 2021 to help diabetics from all over the country take control and accomplish all of their goals and dreams. We want every diabetic out there to know that they can not only live a normal life but thrive. DSF was created with three main pillars in mind: resources, education, and sport. Through these, we intend to create a healthier community and show you how to take control.


To motivate individuals with diabetes to take control of every aspect of their lives so they can be confident that they are stronger because they have diabetes.


  • Provide grants and scholarships to diabetics who need assistance paying for supplies

  • Fund diabetes research organizations

  • Host individual and group training sessions for diabetics looking to improve in their sport and their diabetes management

  • Provide virtual sport and fitness programs "The DiaStrong Training Program" with integrated diabetes management tips

  • Host athletic camps that include sport-specific training sessions, diabetes education, and speakers

  • Provide diabetes education and resources

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