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DiaStories: November Spotlight On Matt

The Lowdown -

1. What were some of your initial struggles with having diabetes?

The number one thing I struggled with was keeping my numbers stable. I was going through my honeymoon stage, so I had many more lows than highs. It was hard figuring out the snacks that I needed in order to get my numbers up to a comfortable level and keep them there.

2. Is there a story that comes to mind where you realized that having diabetes is really hard?

There were many occasions that I was extremely low and also very hungry at the same time, so I would raid the fridge or pantry and not take any insulin at all and my number would skyrocket. There was one time where I believed my number was 28 so my mother brought me so many snacks and then an hour later my number was up near 300.

3. What are some struggles that you still experience now?

A struggle that I still deal with today is keeping extra supplies on me at all times so I have a back up plan if plan A fails.

4. How have you dealt with these struggles?

I have dealt with these struggles by always keeping a vial of insulin with me, a couple of syringes, and fruit juice snacks on me when I am not at home.

Stay tuned for next week's installment of our November Spotlight, Damage Control.

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