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DiaStories: November Spotlight On Matt

Damage Control -

1. What are some ways that you have responded to the hard times when dealing with diabetes?

For me, the hard times have mostly been the highs and lows and the correct way to respond with that is either the correct amount of insulin or the correct amount of glucose. But other than highs and lows, the toughest thing I had to handle was using my equipment in a public setting. I was already a shy kid but this taught me to toughen up because it had to be done. So I worked my way through it and now I do not care what people think. I just go along with what I have to do.

2. How have you become stronger because of diabetes?

I have always thought of myself as a tough kid, with a pretty tough go of it already, diabetes taught me responsibility as I was on my own a lot in high school. I think my attitude toward life has changed because I have developed a nothing can kill me attitude.

3. What have you learned about yourself through dealing with diabetes?

I have learned that I can do a whole lot more with what I have and I cannot be slowed down.

4. Is there a story that comes to mind when you think about how you are taking

control of diabetes?

Every Thanksgiving! This thanksgiving was easily my best thanksgiving numbers wise. On Wednesday we had dinner at my aunts and my number was 113. Before I ate, I took the desired amount of insulin and ate 20 minutes later so the insulin could kick in. Immediately after I ate I took another dose of insulin for dessert so It would not climb too high. Unfortunately it got up to around 300 but slowly and steadily came down to a comfortable range. Thanksgiving day was the same story. I took my insulin 20 minutes before I ate and after I ate I walked around since I was so bloated and waited for my number to settle. Then I took more insulin for dessert and my number scraped 200 and is now at a perfect 105!

Stay tuned for next week's installment of our November Spotlight, Calling the Shots.

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