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DiaStories: October Spotlight On Jake

Calling the Shots

1. What would you tell your newly-diagnosed self now?

I would tell myself that everything is going to be okay and I can still do anything I want, just with some extra caution. Like anything, there will be good days and bad days that I will go through, but it will be Okay!

2. What would you tell others who are struggling with diabetes?

I would tell others that sometimes diabetes is a hard disease, and like anything, there are good days and bad, but a bad day isn't the end of the world. Make sure you have a good relationship with your endocrinologist and have a good support group around you to get through the tough days!

3. Are there any tips, tricks, and/or recommendations that you would like to share with us when it comes to diabetes?

Having a good relationship with your endocrinologist I think is the most important thing for T1D’s. I have been blessed to have such a good relationship with mine whether it was for help with my anxiety or help with marathon training, or even when I am low on supplies. She is always there for me, and I wouldn't be where I am without her!

4. Favorite food? Favorite low blood sugar snack? Favorite diabetes accessory/gadget?

My favorite foods are clams and oysters. My favorite blood sugar snack is red cream soda or sour patch kids. Lastly, my favorite diabetes gadget is my Dexcom. I love having the ability to look at my blood sugars 24/7!


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