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DiaStories: September Spotlight On Bella

Calling the Shots -

1. What are some ways that you have responded to the hard times when dealing with diabetes?

"Well I have learned to always try and stay positive. Of course, that's not always going to be the case and there's nothing wrong with that either. I've learned that diabetes is a roller coaster of emotions and that it will always get better. Talking to others about my diabetes and struggles is really beneficial. My mom is definitely my number one supporter and always there to listen, give advice, and always there with a hug. "

2. How have you become stronger because of diabetes?

"I definitely have to do things now, that four years ago I never even had to think about. It takes a lot of strength having to give yourself injections, and well you know, look like a pin cushion! I was hard to feel confident walking around with insulin pump tubes sticking out, a CGM plastered to my arm, a

juice box in my hand, but i've grown from that and become more embracive about my diabetes! I've learned over these four years that you can't let your diabetes control you. You control your diabetes."

3. What have you learned about yourself through dealing with diabetes?

"I've noticed that i'm better at math from all the carb counting!! No, all jokes aside i've learned that i'm stronger from my diagnosis."

4. Is there a story that comes to mind when you think about how you are taking control of diabetes?

"For me it was when I switched from a wired pump to a wireless pump. There we so many benefits from a wireless pump for me and I felt much more freedom from diabetes. For me, it was a struggle doing my pump injection on my own. Every three days my mom would do it for me because I would get so upset and nervous and I dreaded it. I was grateful to have my mom to help me! Once I got my new wireless pump I took control and I was able to do it all on my own and that made me feel

really good about diabetes. I felt that I finally had a positive relationship with my diagnosis."

5. What would you tell your newly-diagnosed self now?

"It's honestly hard for me to figure out what to say. I’m still taking it one day at a time. There are still days I’m struggling myself. But I think I would tell my newly diagnosed self that everything is going to be okay. Take a deep breath, and relax. Take it one day at a time. I would tell her that there are so many things to be grateful for within this scary time. There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect diabetic’ either. All that matters is that you are doing your best. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Everything will be okay."

6. What would you tell others who are struggling with diabetes?

"Having a good support system was key for me. Not only family and friends, but also other fellow type one diabetics. Having others to talk to really helps! Having diabetes is hard, but you can do it. Having diabetes has given me a strength that I never knew I had, and it will give those struggling

strength as well. We are type one warriors, we can do anything!"

7. Are there any tips, tricks, and/or recommendations that you would like to share with us when it comes to diabetes?

"Have a good, strong medical tape! The amount of times my pumps and CGMS have fallen off, I couldn’t count!"

8. Favorite food? Favorite low blood sugar snack? Favorite diabetes accessory/gadget?

"I love all things Mexican! Give me those tacos and insulin! My favorite low snack is definitely apple juice! My favorite gadget is my pump. Switching to an insulin pump was the best decision I’ve ever made. It gave me a sense of freedom from diabetes! I love it, and anyone thinking of making the switch, do it!"

A huge thank you to Bella for sharing her story with us throughout the month of September! She is an inspiration to all and we admire her strength and courage as she navigates life with type one diabetes.


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