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Tech, Tools, and More

Searching for the latest and greatest diabetes supplies, accessories, and foods?

we got you 



Insulin Management System

The Omnipod is a tubeless insulin management system created for individuals with type one or type two diabetes. 



Continuous Glucose Monitor 

The Dexcom is a continuous glucose monitor designed to track your blood sugar levels in real-time throughout the day and night


Not jUst a patch

CGM & Pump Support 

Not Just a Patch is a waterproof patch designed to support your insulin pump sites and continuous glucose monitors so that they can last the entire time span without peeling off 

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Diabetes Fashion 

Myabetic is a diabetes fashion company that designs purses, wallets, cases, and more specifically  for diabetics of all ages

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Ernd snacks

Sugar Free Belgium Chocolates

ERND Snacks makes sugar-free and keto-friendly Belgian chocolates 

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Low Carb Foods

Sola is a food company that specializes in delicious, low carb food products that are great for diabetics


Medical Profile 

MyID is a personalized medical profile that can be accessed by EMS via a QR code listed on your bracelet, wallet card, and more

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