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The DiaStrong Training Program 

In Partnership with


Now Available! 

What is it?

The DiaStrong Training Programs are virtual, one-year training programs with integrated diabetes management tips. Each program will be created in partnership with certified trainers at momentum performance and will be tailored to the individual's area of interest


We want to help you achieve your athletic or fitness goals, while also giving you insight to how your blood sugars may react to different types of workouts and what you can do in response to prevent those highs and lows


We will have a few different programs available for you to purchase. Each month you will receive a new program which include your  workout, video explanations of each exercise, and diabetes management tips based on the type of workout you will be doing


We now have our first two programs available for purchase - General fitness and speed & power. We will be offering more programs in the near future.

Each program costs $10/month or $99.99 a year and can be cancelled at any time 

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